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We believe that in order to produce great products you need to be focused on every step of the process - and make them to the best of your ability.

Here is what makes Vacom MP's dairy products so delicious and natural, our business relationships strong and long-lasting, and our production efficient and to the highest of standards. 


Over 120 people work in our production plant and office. We believe that people are detrimental to our process and we take great care in educating and training, motivating, challenging and supporting our teams. A lot of our employees have been working with us for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on having some of the best specialists in the field, who are able to produce that unique and consistent quality taste.

2.Quality raw materials

We source all of our milk from the ecologically clean region near the Balkan Mountains. The milk is collected by our fleet of trucks, from more than 200 farms. We believe that the milk itself is fundamental to the quality of cheese. That's why we not only select the best milk, in terms of nutrition and taste, but we also put it through daily rigorous laboratory test for  antibiotics, quality, additives or else. 


Through years of experience in production we have been able to make great quality cheese, with a unique, yet traditional recipe. We monitor and take care of all the details in the preparation of milk, cheese-making and maturation. We believe that our cheese tastes so good, because of our selection of cultures, brine-making and of course the handmade process of making the cheese itself.


In the past 10 years we have steadily grown our technology and equipment. We now have some of the most advanced machines for milk pasteurisation and production. We have two laboratories for daily milk check-up and cheese monitoring. Recently we integrated various software programs, which further optimise and improve our overall process. 


We have been following the Bulgarian traditions and our national cheese-making heritage. Parts of the process are still made by hand and both the cheese recipes and milk quality are measured to the highest of standards, for taste, consistency and appearance. We believe that our traditional cheeses are a continuation of a long-lasting tradition of Bulgarian and Balkan culture and taste.

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